Why Golfing Is A Great Date Idea, According To Slutty Matches Users

If you’re looking for a great activity to do on a date, then golfing is the way to go. It’s one of those things that can be done by just about anyone and isn’t too expensive. You can play alone or with your partner, both of which are equally fun.

There is also something incredibly sexy about watching someone hit a ball over a green. The game requires concentration and precision, traits that make it easy to admire in others. It’s an activity that really tests how skilled your date is, which makes it feel like a real accomplishment when they manage to land a birdie.

What Slutty Matches Users Say About Golf

We asked users of the local sex site Slutty Matches what dating activities they think are best, and golf came up as a popular answer. Here are some of their thoughts on why they love dating while playing this sport:

“I’ve only ever played golf once before, but I really enjoyed the experience. It’s such a relaxing sport that gives you time to talk and get to know each other.” – user @FoxyFriskyMeow

“Golfing is a great way to spend a day together without feeling rushed. Plus, it provides some relief from any awkward tension you might have if you were going out on a date or something similar.” -user @DawsonWoozles

“When I first started dating my boyfriend that I met on MeetnFuck.com, we’d go golfing almost every weekend. We would always joke that he was getting better at the game, which made me feel very sexy because I knew he was trying his hardest to impress me. He still does most weekends!” -user @SluttyGrace

How To Have Great Golfing Date At Tabarka Golf

One of the top courses in Europe, Tabarka Golf has everything you need to enjoy this sport with your partner. The course itself is surrounded by nature, and there are lots of flowers and trees to look at during your round. You’ll also find a clubhouse and bar where you can grab a drink after your game. If you want to take a break from golfing, you can rent scooters or bikes and explore the area.

Tabarka Golf has hosted professional tournaments, so you know you’re in good hands. If you want to make sure you have a fun, safe experience, here are some tips for having the best golf date possible:

– Make sure you pack enough water and snacks

– Bring sunscreen, especially if you’re planning on spending all day outside

– Wear comfortable clothes

– Check in with a pro shop before heading out onto the course to see if they offer lessons

– Take your time and focus on enjoying yourself

– Try to avoid hitting the ball into the water

– Play with your eyes open! Don’t let your phone distract you

Golfing With Your Partner Can Be A Lot Of Fun, So Why Not Try It?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never played golf before, as there are plenty of courses that cater to beginners. The same goes for dating, which is why people tend to feel more confident when they try new activities with their partner. You’ll get to test your skills with them, and you might even learn a thing or two. If you’re looking for a fun date idea, golfing could be the perfect choice for you and your partner.


Our Facilities

Nos facilites

Stretching along 6400 metres from the rear lines, the lowest lying hurdles will allow the discovery of a potential for exacting championship.

The Club House comprises a pro shop, a saloon bar with its chimney corner, a restaurant, 2 lounges, a banquet room and terraces overlooking the golf course.




At the meeting point between a beautiful forest and a dream Mediterranean sea, lies Tabarka, a city famous since antiquity for coral gathering, and a true paradise for lovers of the sea, sailing and diving, as well as for those with a passion for golf, shooting (hunting), watercolour painting, walking or horse-riding along the green tracks of its towering forests.


A Dream golf course between sky and forest


The Tabarka golf course counts among the rare courses in the world stretching between sea and forest.  A unique course, it counts 7 holes, extends by the seaside around the gulf of Tabarka and is flanked by oak and pine trees.

While you practice your favourite sport, you can admire a breath-taking landscape. The Golf course of Tabarka, is also a charming, fully comfortable Club House.

Tabarka Golf Club has beautiful landscape, its wood carving work is master piece which is admired by almost all visitors, its wood carving work was done by a team of specialist Lucan Carpenter which were the best in the town, for their services Tabarka Golf Club offered them a life time club membership.